Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Paul Thomas Anderson To Write Robert Downey Jr's Live-Action "Pinocchio" Film

BIG NEWS: Robert Downey Jr's long-gestating live-action Pinocchio reboot has landed a writer by the name of Paul Thomas Anderson, according to The Hollywood Reporter

THR also reports PTA could potentially be in line to direct the picture as well

Love or hate this idea, it could not be more out of left-field. As well as being a producer on the movie, Robert Downey Jr. has nabbed the role of Geppetto for himself. Beyond that, we have too many questions, so we will just wait for more details to arrive.

Stay tuned!



  1. Actually quite intrigued by this. PTA's Hugo?

  2. PTA's Popeye I would have thought!

    1. LOL or the other! At the very least, this can't be any worse than Benigni's version :P

      I do like a good fantasy, though, and that genre's been shit lately. Then again, I thought Joe Wright's Peter Pan had potential and that looks awful. I just have so much faith in PTA that I figure maybe he can do something with this...I also wonder if this is connected to the 70MM rumors. Idk, could be fun.

      As Bryan said, too many questions about what this actually is...I'll stay optimistic for now.

  3. Replies
    1. Haha ok now I can see it I was so confused but he does talk about loving altmans popeye a lot and I gotta admit that movie always makes me smile

  4. Also I imagine Huston's Moby Dick would be an inspiration too!

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  6. Well that's fucking interesting

  7. How to Abbreviate 'Junior'

    Right: Jr.

    Wrong: Jr

  8. 'reboot'? Was there a Pinocchio trilogy I missed?

  9. This kind of reminds me of when they announced he was going to follow up magnolia with an Adam sandler movie

  10. He's said in interviews that he'll never direct something he hasn't written. I doubt he would write something that he doesn't direct.

    1. I agree but then again, the Coens have worked on 3 screenplays in the last 5 years that they didn't direct themselves. It's possible that for whatever reason, PTA's just contributing to the screenplay and that's it. Still, whether or not he ends up directing, I have to think he wouldn't put his name on this at all if he didn't feel strongly about it.

    2. Maybe he gave up the artsy fartsy attitude and came down to earth.

    3. Is adapting a dark book about Pinocchio really coming down to earth?

    4. I could see this directing thing coming about... him and RDJ are good friends and always wanted to work together, and RDJ would vouch for PTA to the studios. Of course, they are both true artists and would only do something if it was the right thing to do ... it could go either way!

  11. He's gotta direct it! It wouldn't be PTA if he didn't write-direct!

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  13. With the father and son relationship between Geppetto and Pinocchio at the core of the story, this seems like a no brainer for Anderson. I can see him whipping up some serious feels with this movie. I'd love to see Anderson tackle fantasy and make some epic action sequences with Monstro. It'll be the first film of his not to be rated R(I'm assuming); a P.T. Anderson film you could actually bring your kids to! Go figure.

  14. PTA Won't Be Directing ‘Pinocchio’

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