While the site is considered "unofficial," over the years, we have established and maintained a dialogue with Paul and his assistants to offer the most relevant content possible.

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CJ Wallis abandoned a fifteen year professional hockey career as a goaltender shortly after earning a job interview in New York for Late Night with Conan O'Brien. In lieu of film school, Wallis volunteered for nearly four years aside filmmaker Scott Smith on his award winning debut feature film Rollercoaster, learning and helping to execute every step of production from script to screen. 

Since then, Wallis has gone onto direct and produce award-winning film, television and music video productions and currently the official filmmaker for Warner Bros recording artist Curren$y. He has been involved with the site since its inception in early 1999.

You can find him on Twitter at @FortyFPS


In the site's history, invaluable input & effort has been provided by Jeffrey Zablotny, Greg Mariotti, Cory Everett & Bryan Tap. The site would not be what it is without their assistance.


  1. Egyptian screening tonight.

  2. This interests me greatly...

  3. I am trying to contact Paul Thomas Andersen. Joaquin Phoenix (Tht Master) has won a prize for best actor in our festival ( We need a mailing address to send this prize... a polished aluminium otter placed on a hematite rock...

    Any mailing address will be appreciated

    Jean-Eudes Gagnon, director. International film festival of Baie-Comeau (Québec, Canada)

  4. Big up and all the best from Poland, great job! :-D

  5. Hello,

    Far be it from me to push an idea at one of the greatest film directors of our time, but I think a possibility to someday consider would be a film by PTA that would depict the true life events surrounding the creepiest serial rapist/serial killer in U.S. history: the East Area Rapist (EAR)/Original Night Stalker (ONS) – he’s the same guy – not to be confused with Richard Ramirez.

    The EAR/ONS operated in the Sacramento area then moved his heinous acts to L.A. His reign of terror lasted from 1976ish through 1986ish, he’s never been caught! His last known contact was when he contacted a victim by phone in 1991.

    I think a horror/drama film that depicts this true story by a director of PTA’s caliber could be one of the better horror films ever made.

    If you have time, watch (via YouTube) the ‘Cold Case Files’ profile of the EAR/ONS, it’s incredibly chilling.

    Just throwing the idea out there b/c I think this horror/drama film in PTA’s hands could be extraordinary.


  6. Heres a clip I found on youtube. Hope its post worthy.

  7. Here are some clips to the Boogie Nights live read that Jason Reitman did. It's incomplete and bad quality but it's something.

    Part 1:
    Part 7:
    Part 9:
    Part 10:

  8. Some stuff in here. Josh Brolin talking about having a blast on Inherent Vice with Paul and Joaquin

    amazing golden ratio and rule of thirds break down of there will be blood.

  10. Making of Magnolia:

  11. Johnny Greenwood talks PTA in the SUNDAY TIMES:

    Some slightly interesting bits about their process:

    The duo's second collaboration - The Master - is even stranger. "Paul just has his music very loud in his films," Greenwood says. "It's a dream job for a composer. I was sending him music that was too long, and he was extending the scenes to fit the music. Which is insanity."

    Next year, Inherent Vice - the third film this quietly eccentric duo have made - hits cinemas. How does it work? "Back and forth for months," Greenwood says. He misses it when they don't work together. "I was sending him this 1960s pop thing I did, because the film is set then, asking, 'Is this of any use?' Then I flood him with different approaches until we find the right one."

  12. Here's a first official image from inherent vice!



    PTA's first interview for Vice. Interesting stuff pertaining to how he adapted it (and Pynchon's correspondence and possible cameo)

  15. I attended the 'Inherent Vice' screening last night. I recieved a well made booklet that is all about the movie and the characters. I'd love to show it to you guys if you are interested in seeing it!

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  17. A movie still must eventually be made on the biography of Iceberg Slim, the most famous pimp ever to live. The book "Pimp" which is an autobiography of Iceberg Slim's life is an extraordinary read. PTA would be a terrific director to tackle this bio. I'm shocked Hollywood hasn't done a big film on Slim's life as a pimp. Iceberg Slim was the inspiration behind almost all the pimp caricatures that filled up the blaxploitation films of the 1970s.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. new radiohead video directed by PTA called present tense

  20. In the Marc Maron interview PTA states that his Boogie Night inspiration was a Hard Copy type show about a porn starlet's suicide. I'm pretty sure what he saw was in fact a Frontline doc titled Death of A Porn Queen. It aired around 1990 and was a very damning view of the industry. It was well done documentary story pursuit. Lots of found footage along with contemporary talking heads. It's become a cliche but the doc has an interview with her boyfriend while he collects trash fulfilling his public service.

  21. PTA was filming the HAIM concert at The Greek in Los Angeles on Oct. 19th. I met him. He said they were having some camera issues, so I'm not sure if he's piecing together a full concert film or just another Valentine-like short, etc.

  22. Hey does anyone know where we can send PTA fan mail? I want to send him a letter i wrote. Cmon someone has to have contact information! Where can I reach him at, or email? anyone know? please help a young 24 year old writer.

  23. Countdown site for PHANTOM THREAD:

  24. Hi, I'm Cassian, I'm Brazilian. I'm writing an article about Paul Thomas Anderson ... You remember in what interview he said, "I was not hired to make money, but to be 'cool.'" ?
    I think it was in an interview after Magnolia (1999-2003)
    ps. My English is horrible.

  25. I made a short fiction movie. Is it any possibility that P. T. Anderson could watch it and give me feedback?
    I got pić lock version, with English subtitles. I can send a link. Im a graduate from Polish Film School in Lodz.

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