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Interview: PTA Talks to His Email Group

PTA Talks to His Email Group
March 2000

PTA recently answered some questions for the PTA email/mailing list. Here is the Q & A.

In Sydney, Jimmy tells Sydney that he knows about Sydney's friends: Floyd Gondoli, Jimmy Gator, and Mumbles O'Malley. Phillip Baker Hall has since played Floyd Gondoli & Jimmy Gator. Any chance of seeing him play Mumbles O'Malley in your next film?

Could be. Could be.

Is there any connection to the Sydney in Sydney and the Sydney Phillip Baker Hall played in Midnight Run?

Pure Sub-conscious.

Could you tell us a little more what it was like to meet Kubrick. We know about the small crew story but did you two talk anymore? Had he seen Boogie Nights?

Yes, He'd seen Boogie Nights and he liked it very much. He liked the fact that I was a writer director and commented that more filmmakers should write and direct. He said he liked Woody Allen and David Mamet and mentioned House of Games and Husbands and Wives --interesting how similar they are to Eyes Wide Shut.

While on the subject of Kubrick, how intentional was the shot in Magnolia when the 2001 theme starts to play, it was identical to one of the last shots in 2001 when Dave Bowman is on his death/rebirth bed?

It was accidentally intentional after the fact.

In your commentary for Michael Penn's Try, you say the man in the purple suit closing the studio door with 9 on it is a tribute to Burt Reynolds. How?

There's an interview with Burt from Good Morning America. It's very hard to describe -- it's insane. He wears a purple suit and he speaks about "9" It's hard to describe.

On the new Boogie Nights DVD, we know we'll get a chance to see some more scenes, but will you also include the incredibly hysterical and enjoyable commentary you and the actors did for Criterion Collection? Will the original DVD commentary also be on the new DVD? Any more info you can give us on the new DVD?

The Criterion commentary plus new people will be there.

In Cigarettes and Coffee, you deal with themes brought up in Sydney (family ties and relationships) and Magnolia (coincidence and chance). How long has Magnolia been in your system?

I suppose Magnolia has been in my system for 29 years.

Have you been given permission by Jonathan Demme to tell us any more about your joint effort?


How are you planning to use Adam Sandler?

I plan on using Adam Sandler in all his wonderful Adam Sandler glory. He makes me laugh. I think he's a genius. Please get the Best of Adam Sandler on SNL DVD.

The sound mix is very layered in Magnolia, especially in the prologue (machine guns, old records, jump rope chants). What were some of the decisions that led up to the unique sound and sound effects.

The ideas for the track were inspired by The Beatles Number Nine as well as the minds and libraries of noises from Mr. Jon Brion and Fiona Apple.

In the poster for Hard Eight, there are two dices, each with four on them. That makes 8 dots. 2 of the dots are shaded in. (8:2). Is this a matter of chance or do these strange things happen all the time?

These strange things happen all the time -- I had nothing to do with the first hard eight poster and only a bit with the second -- I don't mind the second poster that's on the DVD.

What advice can you give to a young filmmaker/movie buff like myself?

Write. Write. Write. Even when it sucks. Write. Write. Write. Set aside special alone time and write. write. write.

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