Wednesday, December 19, 2001

December 14-19, 2001

Archived update from Cigarettes & Coffee, run by Greg Mariotti & CJ Wallis from 1999-2005

As you've probably noticed, things have been extremely quiet, but I'm pleased to share some exciting news today. Yep, that's a behind the scenes still from the PTA/Adam Sandler film (courtesy of the Adam's official site). You'll notice that PTA's hair is quite short which means he probably continued his ritual of shaving his head whenever he starts work on a new film. Oh yeah, one more small thing. I've heard from PTA's camp that Punchdrunk Knuckle Love will not be the name of film. Not sure what happened, but I should be talking to Paul soon & I hope to find out.
Attn Canadian Readers: Showcase (sort of the Canadian HBO) is running a contest for people to vote for what movie they want played on New Years. Hard Eight, Exotica Another Day In Paradise, The Dreamlife of Angels & Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss are the nominees. You can vote at their official site.

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