Sunday, July 07, 2002

Interview: Exclusive Internet Q&A

Written by Cigarettes & Red Vines
July 7th, 2002

This interview is based from questions submitted by internet fans.

>> What films (if any) did you use as inspiration when writing PDL?

....yeaah! to be able to answer the question which has been inside so long! I was watching tons of Astaire/Rodgers - Carefree/Gay Divorcee and of course ye old lads: Help! on repeat. remember watching tons of Tati...which RUN don't crawl and get. I recommend......the sound! the love! the affection!.........also music, must say: Joan Armatrading, Ferrante and Techer, Ernie Kovacs (!) lots of the Beatles and lots of Neil young 'silver and gold'. ever seen the moon is our home?

>> Do you think PDL will be more well-received by general audiences than your other films? Is an important to you that this film does well at the box office?'s already a smash to me......hope all goes well x10 with everything else. it's lovely and great, just sort of hope they go for it.....

>> What kind of approach did you/Jon Brion take in scoring the film? Was there any particular atmosphere you wanted to capture with the music? memory of approach: lots of time together; two birthdays; lots of same room and shooting attention.....he did stuff before we started shooting so adam and emily could hear ..... he did lots of percussive stuff and treated piano noise...........there's lots and lots of orchestra in there too....tons of stuff, really.

>> Will you be cutting the trailers, designing the poster? When can we expect to see them?

....ererere!!! ....almost done and handed touches. coming soon! Release date for the film should be October or December. No final date yet...

>> How did the Shelly Duvall song from Altman's Popeye become important to the film?

you have no idea.

>> In one of the clips Sandler does a little dance in the supermarket aisle. Was this a Sandler improv or was it your scripted idea? If so, was it influenced by something (something you saw, a film, etc.)?

improvised by the man himself. any motion picture benefits from tap dancing; it must be encouraged and fed.

>> Do you read reviews of your movies? And if so, do you have a favorite critic whose opinions you respect?

haven't figured that out yet if I do or not. have (don't want to know....but sometimes do) certainly there are a few who still care . i find myself reading the first few main ones then putting it out of my head. (but i generally read them very very fast)

>> By keeping the film top-secret for this long, did you think twice about showing it at Cannes (knowing that the plot, etc.) will be all over the Internet/Press months before the US release?

thought less than once. the whole meal is pretty delicious over in France.

>> Did Radiohead's B-Side 'Punch-Drunk Lovesick Sing-Along' factor in during the writing stage? The lyrics and feel of the tune etc.

no feel, no tune, just the 'em sooo much but don't even really know that one's almost a bit of accidentally on purpose.....(sp?)

can't thank you enough for the questions.....have been waitin' a long time to share....
hope all is well and above water.

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