Wednesday, August 11, 2010

TWBB Rolling Roadshow Reports (Updated)

The Alamo Rolling Roadshow screening of There Will Be Blood took place this past Sunday in Bakersfield and site friend Ben reported back a little about it.

Screened from a 35mm print and described as "the perfect setting" to see the film, Ben provided you all with a photo for proof. he also passed along an epic silhouetted shot of the nearby derrick.

Rumor has it Paul was spotted at the Jackie Brown screening but wasn't in attendance on Sunday. If you know otherwise, let us know. Before the film started, there was a milkshake drinking competition that involved 3 foot long straws with the winnner receiving a bowling pin from Paul's own personal collection.

These dudes filmed their day and made it into a little bit of business for Youtube.

We will return with Flashback Friday in two days and an exclusive interview with a PTA alumni crew member is on it's way shortly.

Update (12:11pm):

Jade mailed us to say the following:

PTA was at "Jackie Brown", but as soon as he started getting recognized, he quickly left. He may have returned during the film, but I'm pretty sure he left, and was definitely not at the after-party. 
I'm sure he was trying to stay to wait for QT, but QT didn't arrive 'til around 8:45 and PTA was there way before then -- around 7 PM.
I'm sure he wanted to leave because people started asking him more about "The Master".

Jade also confirms that "PTA was definitely not at "There Will Be Blood" but it was truly an amazing experience to see the film there. Seeing it at the Kern County Museum made me appreciate the film, California and the journey so much more"

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