Tuesday, May 17, 2011

‘The Master' Cannes Promo Art, Filming In The Bay Area?

A few small tidbits here since we've all been waiting so patiently for the last week. First up is a look at some promo art for "Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project" which was unveiled at Cannes (and you can check out below). Likely whipped up in no time at all (since no filming has taken place yet) by someone (intern) at The Weinstein Co. to help sell the film to foreign distributors during the international film festival, the image is nonetheless exciting because it means that after nearly 4 years the project is actually happening. It's definitely a little familiar stylistically so don't expect the actual teaser poster to look anything like this.

According to some rumors on the imdb boards, (usually never to be trusted, but these seem fairly credible), an untitled film is looking for 40's/50's era extras in the San Francisco Bay Area to film in the small town of Crockett, CA in June. This seems to jibe with what we've heard about the film so far, so it's definitely a possibility and if anyone has any further info please send it along. (via @imdbLive and xixax.)

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P.S.: What do you know about this?


  1. I think this teaser art's similarity to TWBB gives further credence to the observation that PTA's movies overlap quite a bit lately. Barry Egan is extremely asocial like Plainview and Plainview is extremely manipulative like The Master. This seems to be unintentional and just reflects the headspace that PTA occupies. I know he probably didn't have much to do with this promo art, but the Weinstein's have read the updated script and this art should reflect that script somehow. PTA may unintentionally be making a loose trilogy about anti-social men! Lovely!

  2. I think it may be too soon to presume this the official promo for Paul Thomas Anderson's unnamed film. The movie didn't even start filming yet. I just know PTA is one of the more intelligent film directors for the serious film goer. The kind who reads film sense as opposed to going to the movies eating popcorn. IOW a discerning viewer.

  3. Ill have to watch that Wise Blood now... thanks.
    Here's the criterion page with a link to a good essay about the film in the lower section:

  4. You probably already know, but yes they are filming here in Crockett ( I live here) and have been for the last few days. I am going to try and get a few snap shots if possible in the upcoming week, though I don't even know how long they will be here.

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