Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Drivers, The Unsung Heroes of Hollywood

Twitter follower @AnthonyGAguiar passed along a video of behind-the-scenes interviews on the set of a 1992 Robert Conrad made-for-TV movie called "Secret Vows." Why is this relevant? The video is hosted by a 22 year old Paul and it is delightful. "You got me? Okay." Enjoy.

All quiet on 'The Master' front despite our hopes/wishes/dreams that we might see something around Christmastime. The film is starting to show up on a lot of 2012 Preview pieces which we may compile into something, should anything interesting come of them, so keep sending them along on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. curious, what was PTA doing on the set of the film exactly?

  2. He was best friends with Shane Conrad. Robert Conrad used contacts to gt Paul a camera to shoot cigarettes and coffee.

  3. Would of been more badass if he had just turned up and blaged security.

  4. Vic Whyluku. Fucking hilarious.

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