Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jonny Greenwood Working On The Score For ‘The Master' While On The Road

We were just wondering aloud whether the Radiohead tour would have any affect on the timeline for guitarist Jonny Greenwood's scoring duties on 'The Master' and no sooner did we ask the question did we receive the answer. Greenwood spoke to The Guardian UK about his collaboration with composer Krzysztof Penderecki (who was an influence on the "There Will Be Blood" score) and mentions towards the end of the piece that he likes writing scores on the road. Here is the pertaining excerpt:
All of this has an impact on Radiohead, too, with Greenwood's ceaseless quest to make the band's sonic palette as flexible as any orchestra. They are about to tour the US, which is the best time Greenwood finds to write his film scores and orchestral music, "instead of doing something healthy such as going to the gym or seeing exciting people. It's the perfect situation to work." He shows me a music notebook he's been filling with sketches for the new Paul Thomas Anderson movie he is scoring. "I've sort of learned grownup music handwriting. I used to colour in crotchets with my tongue out" – he mimes a pose of schoolboyish concentration – "but a few years ago I finally sped up."
Thanks @edmondson_jack for the heads up! Otherwise quiet on 'The Master' front. Some sites have been speculating that the film might show up at Cannes this year but we think that unlikely based on nothing other than our own intuition. Oh, and congrats to Maya on SNL and all the "Bridesmaids" love. We're big fans.

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  1. This makes a lot of sense to how those "The Shining" vibes came about in TWBB.

  2. Whole Penderecki album streaming.