Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Inherent Vice Bluray Set For April 28th Release

Hey there. We're a couple days late to this, but some slight radio silence has been required  and will continue in the next couple days/week as we undergo some technical maintenance.

Good news is, you can now preorder the DVD-bluray combo pack of Inherent Vice on Amazon before it is released to the buying public on April 28th.

If you have already purchased the film on iTunes, some special features should have popped up for you, including a deleted scene montage and a few unreleased trailers! We assume these are the special features that will be included on the blu ray.

And how about that cover art, for pete's sake...

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  1. I just preordered on Amazon! I love the cover. Glad that they went with the first pic of Doc that emerged leading up to the NYFF, not that afro Doc isn't groovy (the one from the new book covers). I wish it didn't have that blue banner though. Can't wait to dive into those special features!

  2. Does anyone know the name of the artist who did the artwork for all the posters?
    There's no info anywhere, even in the bibliography page of the new Penguin book publication.
    Not the original surfer/car book cover, but the character portraits done for the film, and re-publication of book, and above DVD cover.
    Artist(s) name?

  3. "The posters were designed by BLT Communications, LLC, an advertising agency located in Hollywood, CA. BLT also designed the Inherent Vice billboard art seen here and here.

    I asked BLT if they could provide the illustrator’s name, but I was told that “it was a big team of us that pulled those off.” "

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  6. Deleted scenes from Inherent Vice here....

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