Thursday, December 10, 2015

PTA Produces Score-less Print of "Punch-Drunk Love" For Screening With Live Orchestra

- Having now done several successful screenings of There Will Be Blood with live orchestral performances, it would appear PTA is broadening the playing field a bit. Today, Wordless Music has announced there will be a pair of live performances of Jon Brion's original score for Punch-Drunk Love at screenings in Los Angeles and New York on March 5 and March 19, respectively.

What's more, Wordless Music has partnered with PTA and Sony Pictures to produce a special print of Punch-Drunk for the performances that has no score whatsoever (and can you imagine how that movie plays without music?)

Tickets for both the special engagements will go on sale this coming Tuesday, December 15. 
More details can be found here.

- Also passed our way recently: the great Prince Charles Cinema in London will be holding a PTA retrospective starting in January, with all seven feature films scheduled to screen. Though Hard Eight will sadly be a DCP presentation, all other movies will be shown on film (including, yes, The Master in 70mm.)

You can start snatching your tickets up for those showings here.



  1. I can only hope for Magnolia. With Aimee Mann in person possibly?

  2. Saw a 35mm print of Hard Eight in Melbourne at the start of this year, apparently there's only one print left in existence.

  3. The L.A. screening has some somewhat startling (for this PTA fan) ticket prices: $40-$80, with an add'l $8 to $16 in 'fees' per ticket. Beautiful venue, though.

    1. same with NYC, it's a live orchestra so this is pretty normal. TWBB + wordless was 75 for me.

    2. Do you know If the man himself is gonna attend the event in NY. I'd love to meet him.

    3. he was at the live orchestra screening of TWBB in NY (more as an audience member than anything else, he didn't announce his presence or anything), but considering that there are screenings for PDL in CA and NY on pretty close dates, I would imagine he'd only go to the one in his home state.

  4. we need a bluray release! and hard eight!