Thursday, June 02, 2016

New PTA Project With Daniel Day-Lewis In The Works?

It was reported today that, while no studio or deal is currently signed, Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis have been in talks for a while on a new film set in the world of fashion. Variety says:
Sources say that Lewis, who hasn’t made a film since “Lincoln” in 2012, has been loosely attached to the project for some time. Anderson is still working on a script while meeting young actresses of Eastern European descent to cast supporting roles.
Megan Ellison’s Annapurna Pictures is producing and financing the untitled project. The film will be set in 1950s New York and revolve around the fashion industry, although the plot is under wraps.
Their full article can be found here but doesn't say much more.  So, more than likely, a new PTA film will be landing in selected theaters around the second half of December 2017.



  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to celebrate by drinking a milkshake.

  2. I saw PTA testing lenses at Panavision a few weeks ago. Gearing up soon?!

    1. Well, there's a comment that deserves some elaboration. More, please?

  3. I saw PTA testing lenses at Panavision a few weeks ago. Gearing up soon?!

  4. I wish he would try to tackle something in the modern day.

    1. He's still got to do the Cold War Era (50s-60s) and the Great Depression/Steinbeck Era then he'll have covered the whole 20th century

    2. Hard Eight! Magnolia! Punch Drunk Love!

      Er, wait... maybe you were referring to DDL. One sec, gotta go check IMDB...

    3. Seems like Ballad of Jack and Rose, The Boxer, Eversmile New Jersey, Stars and Bars, and My Beautiful Laundrette are DDL's only contemporary movies. Would be cool to see him doing something more modern for a change, especially with Paul.

      And maybe Brandon just meant that it's been too long since 2002 for his taste, with all PTA's period stuff since then. I'd like to see him do another one soon, it would have been cool to have one set in each decade since he started making movies. He's had a 90s and a 00s movie, but he may not ever make one set in the 2010s.

  5. A while
    A while
    A while

    Now YOU try it!

  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this is realllL!!!!

  7. The question now is whether Fisk will be working on this.

  8. Yes PT is my favorite director… But his last movie was hugely disappointing. Hopefully this is a signal that he'll get back to doing a story with narrative. After all, "there will be blood" is the best movie since the godfather.

  9. Love seeing new films blossom from minor infatuations of earlier ones. Think the department store scenes in Master, that great shirt Freddie wears, all those pleated pants, the dresses, all the 50's cars and clothes and music. Doris' pinup hair. Such amazing details.

    Our travels into the past.
    We may be through with the past, but...

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