Monday, January 15, 2018

PTA to Participate in Reddit AMA and Twitter Q&A

While we're on the subject of interviews...

PTA will be participating in a Reddit AMA tomorrow 1/15 at 12pm PST. You can follow along and submit Q's for the man himself to A over here at the given time. 

PTA will also be answering questions on Twitter via the film's official @phantom_thread handle on Wednesday 1/16 at 12pm PST.

Dream up your best questions; PTA is sure to be hungry for them!

Twitter and Facebook


  1. A message to PT Anderson; just saw your new film...And now that Kubrick is dead and Bergman is retired… You are the last remaining hope. But please… trade in your dresses for guns… Your movies have become dull and wimpy… Yes they are great, deep, and meaningful… But they are completely uninvolving. I want frogs raining from the sky… I want bullets ricocheting off the wall as only you can do it. Please… Go back to being interesting!

  2. Full PTA Reddit AMA:

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