Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Albert Brooks Turned Down Burt Reynolds Part In ‘Boogie Nights'

It's always fun to think about the things that might have been, particularly when it comes to casting. We already know that Paul had originally wanted Leonardo DiCaprio for Dirk Diggler in "Boogie Nights" but according to a recent interview with Collider, it looks like Albert Brooks (seen most recently in this year's excellent "Drive") says he had to turn down the part of Jack Horner because he was in preproduction on his own movie (looks like either "Mother" or "The Muse").
Is there a part over the last decade or two that you were offered that you turned down and still think about?
Brooks: Well, I turned down so many parts. I couldn’t even begin to tell you. Dead Poets Society and Big and Pretty Woman. One part that I actually wanted to play, and I was in pre-production of my own movie, just because I thought I wanted to work with Paul [Thomas Anderson] was the part that Burt Reynolds got in Boogie Nights. I liked that whole ensemble. When I read that script, I really liked it. But I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t shut down what I was doing. But, regrets are stupid; they don’t mean anything and they don’t add up to anything.

No new news on "The Master" front. But you can check out "The Master" cast here. And for some reason if you like sitting through commercials, AMC is airing "There Will Be Blood" this Saturday where it will be edited and likely still 4 hours long.
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  1. Will those 3 Hard Eight interviews ever be posted? They've been there for months.

  2. hey guys, i didn't know how else to send this to you, but it seems that paul moderated a panel discussion on scorsese's new film, "hugo."


    if you follow the youtube trail, there are some low-quality phone-cam clips of the event. i haven't found any that feature major contributions from paul yet. nevertheless...



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