Monday, June 08, 2015

PTA Rumored To Be Considering A Return To 70MM For Next Project

At the 2015 Cine Gear Expo, which ended yesterday, Panavision screened test footage from Quentin Tarantino's forthcoming western The Hateful Eight and according to virtually everyone who was in attendance, the footage looked absolutely stunning.

Some background: Hateful was shot on 70mm with anamorphic lenses, which creates a much wider frame than 35mm anamorphic (35 anamorphic typically preserves 2.35:1 while 70 anamorphic preserves a massive 2.78:1). For reference, The Master was shot on 70mm with spherical lenses rather than anamorphic, and created a frame less wide than even 35mm anamorphic, preserving 1.85:1. So the difference in widescreen between The Hateful Eight and The Master is insanely huge.

And here's the really cool part: PTA may be taking a crack at Tarantino's wider 70mm format soon. According to camera/lens technician Scott Gleine, who was at the test screening, someone asked during the open audience Q&A portion of the presentation if any other filmmakers had seen or shown interest in the format since the Hateful test footage had been shot, and Panavision's VP of Optical Engineering, Dan Sasaki, specifically mentioned that Paul Thomas Anderson had seen the footage and is strongly considering the same format for his next project.

For what it's worth, PTA has mentioned before that Dan Saski was an integral voice in the decision to shoot The Master on 70mm, so his perspective is definitely worth noting.

But what is the project???

We're not sure just yet. But we do recall PTA mentioning he'd be interested in using 70mm in its intended aspect ratio when we chatted with him about The Master.

Time should clear up all the questions that are already percolating around this development, but now comes the hard part: the sitting and waiting.

(P.S. Here's another account of the event, via @TheValidAlex)

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  1. i believe pta will write/direct robert downey jr. in geppetto, filmed in 70mm

  2. Mahalo! Seeing THE MASTER at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco was a glorious experience, and is a presentation that should be projected more often. Yes, there is a taste, and yes, one is more economically viable than the other, but the beauty of 70mm projection cannot be dismissed as the optimal medium over digital projection. PTA is single handedly bringing Cinema back to form. Now to get 70mm projection capabilities over here in Hawaii...

  3. Awesome! Lots of rumors on his next project like a possible ghoulardi biopic/public access TV movie, he was asked about a possible revolutionary war movie on wtf with marc maron, he was rumored to be doing a movie about Indian casinos with jack Nicholson at one point... Who knows! I'm excited though

  4. there's no such thing as "shooting on 70mm." 70mm is a format for projection.

    There is no negative film stock that is 70mm. The Master was shot on 65mm. Sometimes people will just say they "shot on 70" if its being projected on 70, so it's less confusing. But to be accurate, there is no such thing as shooting on 70.

    Everything shot on film is shot on variations of 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, 65mm, & IMAX (which is really just 65mm film turned sideways).

    1. Thanks for this. What's a favorite (technical,theoretical,or otherwise) book of yours on film/format/stock/aspect ratio/cinematography ?

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