Tuesday, March 27, 2012

‘The Master' Set For An October 12th Release

Yep, this is the day we've been waiting for. "The Master," now officially titled (again), has been scheduled for an October 12th limited release date by The Weinstein Co. according to Box Office Mojo. Producer/financier Megan Ellison dropped us a line 3 weeks ago to "keep an eye on October" and it appears that date has come to pass. This tells us two things. One: once and for all (hopefully) the film's title is "The Master." And two: there are a little over 6 months (or 199 days for those of you who are counting) until the film will hit theatres presumably in NY & LA. Images, footage, promotional materials should be forthcoming? PTA, feel free to drop us a line any day now if you want to chat. (via everywhere/everyone, thanks!)

Check out 'The Master' cast and follow the entire history of the project here.

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  1. fantastic. A week before my birthday. So I can see it for my birthday and STILL get drunk on my birthday weekend.

  2. can' wait :) it's gonna be amazing i can feel it :) PTA is a F**G GENIUS !

  3. So, does this mean that it's likely that this film will show up at either Toronto or Venice? TWBB skipped out on both of those, if I recall correctly... I remember there was a Fantastic Fest screening and then a screening at the Castro in San Francisco.

  4. Definitely the moment we've been waiting for! Very exciting stuff! Also, the week before my birthday. Cheers!

  5. WOW... 2012 Oscars are shining for this.

  6. So it's basically going to follow The Social Network's release strategy. New York Film Festival to theatres and hope for word of mouth and just rake it in through the fall and winter. The best part is that a trailer must be coming soon. I mean maybe attach it to Moonrise Kingdom or go big and throw it on the avengers. probably wont happen but you never know.

  7. TWBB's trailer was first attached to No Country For Old Men, right?

  8. A week before my birthday, too! Can't wait for this film!

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