Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Scott Rudin Teases Potential New Project With PTA; Scorsese Commends The Master's 70mm

Hello all, we're still here and we hope you've had a safe and happy new year.

While we don't have any Inherent Vice news for you today, we've got a couple other lovely unrelated little tidbits for you this evening.

First up, in an interview with Deadline, legendary and prolific Hollywood producer Scott Rudin, who had an Executive Producer credit on "There Will Be Blood", indicated that he currently has a project in development with Paul Thomas Anderson. The details surrounding it are scant at best, as it was mentioned within a myriad of other projects, but here is the quote:
DEADLINE: You continue to have a prolific output of high quality work on the screen, the Broadway stage and now in television. I imagine there’s a lot of producers looking at your output and wondering, how the hell does he keep up this pace?
SCOTT RUDIN: One of the things we got good at is how to protect filmmakers and play makers. We’re a very effective force field of resistance to what I would call not productive input. I think we are a good front line for the filmmakers we work with, and we’ve had a lot of success being that. I’m really proud of that. This is our third movie with the Coens, we just made our fifth with Wes Anderson, our seventh with Noah Baumbach. There’s another with Paul Thomas Anderson. We work with the same people over and over and it’s because we put a huge, huge amount of time and energy into making sure that they all get well taken care of. 
We're trying to keep our suspicions measured, given the limited nature of the comments, but it's exciting to imagine that PTA might already be scrambling to get his first post-Vice project off the ground. More to come, if and/or when the news becomes available.

In other news, Martin Scorsese took some time away from doing press on his [seriously great] new film "The Wolf of Wall Street" to pen an open letter to his daughter Francesca on how he sees the future of filmmaking. We highly recommended reading the whole thing, but the real cool part is that Mr. Scorsese singles out PTA as an especially important directorial presence in the modern era:
"I don’t want to repeat what has been said and written by so many others before me, about all the changes in the business, and I’m heartened by the exceptions to the overall trend in moviemaking – Wes Anderson, Richard Linklater, David Fincher, Alexander Payne, the Coen Brothers, James Gray and Paul Thomas Anderson are all managing to get pictures made, and Paul not only got The Master made in 70mm, he even got it shown that way in a few cities. Anyone who cares about cinema should be thankful."
Couldn't have said it any better ourselves, sir.

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  1. really exciting, but how do we know rudin's not talking about vice?

    1. he isn't working with PTA on Inherent Vice

    2. yeah i saw that, but imdb is often wrong prior to a movie's release.

    3. content on the internet is never wrong...

    4. As much as I hope he is talking about a new PTA project, I think its possible that he was just listing off filmmakers he's worked with in the past (referring to having worked with Anderson on TWBB). But I certainly have my fingers crossed that we'll have another PTA turn around right after IV!!

      Anderson did do an interview recently where he talked about wanting to be more productive, so its possible. He also did a real quick turnaround from Boogie Nights to Magnolia so its certainly in the realm of possibility. Plus he talked about wanting to make an "Airplane" style comedy as well as a movie set at a Public Access studio like the one his father was at (could very easily be the setting for the comedy). Also, there were some rumors of Paul writing a movie for Will Ferrel, so it could be something like that.


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