Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jillian Bell Talks "Inherent Vice", Confirms Workaholics Co-Star Anders Holm Will Also Be In the Film

In promoting her work in the recent smash-hit 22 Jump Street, actress/comedienne Jillian Bell spoke with Cosmopolitan* about her experience working on Inherent Vice with PTA & co. While what she had to say was suitably close to the vest, the details are very much worth noting.
COSMOPOLITAN: You're going to be in Inherent Vice, your second movie with Paul Thomas Anderson and Joaquin Phoenix. What's your role? I confess I haven't read the book, so I don't have any guesses.
JILLIAN BELL: I've just read parts of it too. I haven't read the whole thing. It's pretty amazing, though. I need to get through it. I have such a small part in the movie - I loved doing it, I would do anything for Paul Thomas Anderson - but they just flew me in just to do a small part as this weird waitress. But I got to do a scene with Benicio Del Toro, who is honestly my favorite actor of all time.
COSMOPOLITAN: And what about Joaquin Phoenix?
JILLIAN BELL: It was him and Benicio.
COSMOPOLITAN: Why has Paul Thomas Anderson [taken] such a liking to you?
JILLIAN BELL: He saw me in Workaholics. He is a huge Workaholics fan, I guess. I mean, his wife is Maya Rudolph, so of course he loves people who do comedy. But I guess he watches Workaholics and, actually, Anders Holm is in Inherent Vice as well, and he's in Workaholics. So I think [Paul]'s trying to get all of us in there.
You'll remember Bell had an equally small part in The Master as one of The Cause's early disciples ("Back beyond... back beyond... back beyond..."), so perhaps PTA has found a new regular for his films moving forward. Arguably most notable of these details is the fact that Bell's Workaholics costar Anders Holm will also be in Inherent Vice. His name had been recently rumored but not confirmed up until this point, so it looks like we have some fleshing out to do on the cast section for our Inherent Vice page.

Anders Holm, Workaholics

We are now officially less than 6 months away from Inherent Vice meeting commercial theatre screens for the first time. As we pivot from spring to summer, our eyes are peeled for the Toronto, Venice, and Telluride film festivals as potential premieres for Vice and, with God on our side, maybe even a teaser/poster before long.

(Thank you Jeremy Daly for the heads up)

IV: 178 days.

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*Read the Cosmopolitan article at your own discretion, it does contain spoilers from 22 Jump Street.


  1. Right! She must play Chlorinda. Although there are plenty of waitresses in the book, she was the weirdest I think.
    The scene where the waitress recommends to Doc and Sauncho that they get "good and fucked up" on tequila zombies by the time the food arrives...

    1. That's definitely the scene!
      "If my boyfriend dared to eat any of this shit, I'd dump all his Iron butterfly albums out he window." It's her, Doc and Sauncho, so this has got to be it.

    2. I wonder how many lines he'll take directly from the book. Cause there's a goldmine of dialogue in Inherent Vice.

    3. Some of my favorite scenes in the book involve Doc and Hope "You can only cruise the boulevards of regret so far and then you've got to get back up on the freeway again."

      As well as the "Hey! Tricky Dick! Fuck you!" rant with Coy.

    4. "Fuck the dog, hey! Anybody know the dog's name? whatever-fuck the dog, too! Fuck all of you!"
      It's gonna be like, the best movie ever, man. But that's just like, my opinion...

  2. "Anders Holm is in Inherent Vice as well, and he's in Workaholics. So I think [Paul]'s trying to get all of us in there."

    Does this mean the rest of the workaholics cast might wind up in Inherent Vice? Its so cool how so many cast members are still being revealed through these interviews (like Eric Roberts).

    Its funny before any cast members were announced I remember putting Blake Anderson on my fan cast to play dennis

    1. It's also noteworthy that IMDb has been really off. They reported nothing regarding Roberts, Holm or Michael K. Williams. They still don't even have Newsome listed in the cast! They also shared misinformation a few times on what would be some terrible miscasting (Witherspoon as Shasta Fay, Malone as Japonica Fenway, etc.).

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