Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Inherent Vice To Screen At AFI Fest

After a vibrant world premiere at the New York Film Festival, Deadline reports that Inherent Vice is heading west; the film is set for a gala screening at the AFI Fest in Hollywood on November 8th in The Egyptian Theatre.

The fest runs November 6 - November 13 and will feature a talk with PTA as well, so keep your sights on this one!

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IV (theatrical premiere): 58 days

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  1. any word on that On Cinema talk with pta?

    1. I'm still waiting on this as well. Anybody found anything? All I got are these two articles from Indiewire:

      Those probably have most of the good stuff, but I'd love to hear the full discussion. Didn't NYFF say they'd post audio?

  2. Can anyone confirm whether those Jonny Greenwood pieces "Loop" and "skip loop" are in Vice or not?

  3. Not sure if this is known, but I haven't seen it posted and am not sure when WB put it up. Screenings have been announced in four cities! I am envious if you live in (or near) one of them. Here's to hoping that more are announced soon.

    1. I don't think those are public screenings, though. Considering it's Warner's awards site, I would assume that those are for members of awards bodies such as AMPAS, all of the guilds, perhaps critics' groups.

    2. you may be on to something. my apologies, I'm just anxious for any chance to see the film!

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