Thursday, January 08, 2015

WATCH: PTA Talks "Vice" With Vice

On the eve of Inherent Vice's nation-wide theatrical release, a few new promotional materials have dropped. And they're all good. Above is a 20-minute interview PTA did with Vice (the magazine) about Vice (the movie).

Vice also has an exclusive Vice trailer themed for Shasta's character.

Last but not least, you guessed it... the final installment has arrived. Character Poster/Trailer #9:

IV (wide release): Tomorrow

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  1. The last one? No character poster for Tariq Khalil? That's a little disappointing.

  2. Holy crap. It was so boring. Soooo boring.

    1. lmao. paul looked a lil bored tbh

    2. The movie or that interview? I thought the movie was a bit boring unfortunately!

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