Friday, January 02, 2015

PTA to do Marc Maron podcast; Rudy Blatnoyd Poster/Trailer Arrives

After some speculation, and a fair amount of prodding on Marc Maron's part, Paul Thomas Anderson will indeed be joining Maron's WTF podcast, with the interview set to drop this coming Monday. If you aren't already a regular listener of the show, the episode will be free to download off of iTunes at that point. Maron's interviews are always, if nothing else, very long and very candid. So the talk should not be missed.

Oh. And then this. These babies seem to be dropping fast and furious lately... 



  1. This is awesome!! I'm so excited to hear the interview! Thinking about waiting until I get the chance to see inherent vice first though

    1. I can't wait to hear it either but I don't think I can wait till the 30th to listen.

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