Saturday, July 30, 2016

WATCH: "There Will Be Blood" Q&A With PTA & Daniel Day-Lewis From 2007

It's been a couple slow news days of late as we wait for more details to trickle in about the supposed reunion project from Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis that is forthcoming.  In light of that, here's an hour-long Q&A with the There Will Be Blood pair from back in 2007 that we came across. 

Keep an eye out for the astonishingly endearing anecdote about DDL's personal relationship with the film Giant near the end.




  1. I wonder if this will be like There Will Be Blood where it took like a year and a half to get the movie off the ground.

    I just hope he does have another film get rolling somewhat soon.

    1. it says on the update page that the film is already being financed by megan ellison and annapurna pictures .

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