Monday, December 25, 2017

Phantom Thread: Now Playing

Well, it has been a...frankly pretty goddamn fast route getting here: Paul Thomas Anderson's eighth feature-length motion picture, Phantom Thread, is now officially playing in theatres.

If you live in the lucky LA and NY markets, go go go!

For the rest of us outside those markets, the film will open nationwide on 1/19/18 but Al Rose Promotions may have you covered if you just simply cannot wait that long.

This Saturday, 12/30, advanced screenings of the film will be taking place nationwide:

What's more, Jonny Greenwood's soundtrack for the film is now available for pre-order via Nonesuch and from what we understand it's a real scorcher, so you may want to get on that. 

Interviews continue to trickle in and we intend to aggregate and house them on our official Phantom Thread page over the near future. Keep your eye on that!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. Any holiday season with a new work from PTA is one worth savoring.

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  1. This film was simply mesmerizing. Every frame of this film was done with such love and care and it showed on screen. Johnny Greenwood was perfect, this screenplay was terffic but Daniel Day Lewis was flawless once again. What a great career he's had and a way to end.

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