Friday, December 18, 2009

Best Film Of The Decade: There Will Be Blood

The Gawker website has taken it upon themselves to tally up countless reviewers Top Films Of The Decade lists that have been spreading everywhere to see which film overall was the highest ranked. With 12 votes, There Will Be Blood won top honors. They said:

In its day, Paul Thomas Anderson's oil-drilling epic had to take a back seat to the Coen Brother's nihilist No Country For Old Men. But a few years later, this Blood will not be washed out.
The web has come alive with Best Film of the Decade lists. Unlike Best of the Year lists, where the same dozen or so films appear again and again, Best of the Decades are where a list-making critic can really take wings and fly, revealing their inner soul through their choices. Are you a Lost in Translation type or a Memento -ite? The choice says everything, and nothing, about the list makers.
So what we've done is added up all the Best lists we could find online — from the New Yorker to; anywhere where people had made a list. We gave each film a point for every inclusion on every top ten list. Some lists made it a bit difficult, doing say an unordered top 15's, but we've included as much as we can to try and get an accurate count.
Also in the case of multi-film series, such as Lord of the Rings or the Bourne films, some critics placed the entire series on the list, some cast their votes for the individual films.
And when the votes were all in, by a nose, There Will Be Blood stood alone at the top of the decade, its straw in the whole damn cinema's milkshake.
View their entire list of films by clicking here.

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