Friday, June 25, 2010

Flashback Friday: Kevin Smith's April Fools Prank

from starting to archive all the old posts from the early days of the site, i thought it might be nice to bring back "flashback fridays" where we would post old articles or things of interest that may be interesting with new context or forgotten about.

this week we offer you an april fools day prank by kevin smith aimed at our site & paul thomas anderson fans. as you may remember, kevin & the view askew offices were passionately attacked by you all when he expressed his strong distaste for magnolia. paul never really spoke about any of it, but things escalated rapidly on kevin's message boards. for example:

Poster: Out of all of your films, is there one particular scene or moment that you absolutely cringe at... just an awful moment. "What was I thinking???"
Kevin Smith: The scene where I had the little boy come into his father's room and insist he be treated better.
Oh wait - that wasn't me.
There are a few moments in all the stuff we've done that I shake my head at. Can't call any to mind right now, though, but I know I've spotted my share.

on april 1st and at the most played out height of the controversy, kevin called attention to the silliness of the entire situation by completely overhauling their view askew website to mimic how our own website looked at the time. they spent a fair amount of time doing it as well as the multi-page website was fully functional and complete with faux multiple exclamation mark pta news taking a shot at greg's enthusiastic posting style.

re-check out everything as it was written and evolved by clicking here. scroll to the bottom of the page and read to the top as they run newest to oldest. click to see a screen capture of view askew's cigarettes and coffee/pta inspired website.