Friday, June 18, 2010

There Will Be Blood Most Famous Celluloid Father And Son

Susan King of the Los Angeles Times has written a feature in time for Father's Day which explores some of the more memorable father and son relationships in film.  There Will Be Blood is the first on their list.

There is often a lack of communication between fathers and sons. And that's quite literally what happens between an ambitious oil man and his adopted son in Paul Thomas Anderson's award-winning 2007 loose adaptation of Upton Sinclair'snovel "Oil!" 
A deep rift occurs between oil tycoon Daniel Planview ( Daniel Day-Lewis in his Oscar-wining role) and his young adopted son H.W. (Dillon Freasier) after H.W. loses his hearing in an oil derrick explosion. Instead of comforting H.W., Plainview leaves the hysterical young boy and rushes off to the disaster. After the boy tries to burn the bed in which his father is sleeping, Plainview sends him off to a boarding school for the deaf. The relationship never recovers, especially since Plainview won't learn sign language.

You can check out the entire list which also includes the likes of the Godfather, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Star Wars and coming in at #15 was a page for great gift ideas for Dad linked up to e-commerce stores!

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