Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Hard Eight: Some Of The Best Reviews Of My Life"

John C Reilly was interviewed by the Onion's AV Club and was asked which of his 'smaller films' that he has been in that he felt didn't get the attention it deserved. His response:

JCR: Well, they all kind of find their way. They all kind of eventually percolate down and find the audience...Hard Eight, Paul Anderson’s first movie, which is really called Sydney, had some of the best reviews of any movie I’ve ever been in, and I think the shortest theatrical run. But as a result of Paul’s work, after that, he has definitely found an audience. I think just getting a movie done is an accomplishment in itself. It’s almost like a success that you’ve got the money to do it, and you made it, and it’s good.

Click to read the entire article in which the interviewer and Reilly don't seem to be getting along alot of the time.  In quick website news, the finished site will be uploading over the next day/s.

I apologize for the state of things the last while.

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