Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Birthday To Mr. Paul Thomas Anderson

Despite it being Paul's birthday -- no, we didn't forget -- we here at The Vines thought you should be the one to receive wonderful things for coming back and finding us. And this clip, which is essentially additional That Moment-esque footage, is very much that and more. The highlight naturally being Paul providing a "Smiling Peanut" state-of-the-union to everyone on location.

Happy birthday from us. Thank you for everything.


  1. There is no bigger modern age filmmaking genius.

  2. HAHAHA I uloaded this video to youtube about 2 weeks ago, right now I stumble across this site(while looking up information about "The Master") and first thing I see is my video here lol.. But it's cool I love PT Anderson and I love this site.