Thursday, June 09, 2011

Jack Fisk Confirmed As Production Designer For ‘The Master'

In a recent interview with Box Office Magazine, legendary production designer Jack Fisk ("The Tree of Life," "Mulholland Drive"), who first worked will Paul on "There Will Be Blood," confirms he's returned for 'The Master.' He's been listed on IMDB for some time but it's not always the most accurate reference for films just entering production. Here is the relevant bit from the interview...

So your brain is fully occupied?
Yeah. I'm working with Paul Thomas Anderson right now and he's also a wonderful director.
How is this process different?
It's a lot different because Terry and he just work differently. They work differently with the actors, they work differently with light and the way things look. But they both give me a amount of freedom which is something that attracts me to these directors. Not that I need freedom or I demand that-it's just the way I work. I first worked with Paul on There Will be Blood and he asked me about building an oil derrick and how was I going to do it and I said I had no idea. But, you know, he's like that. He'll figure out a way. And that's the way with Terry. I often say about Terry, "He asks for nothing, but expects everything," and that's the advice I give to new people working with him. Terry won't ask you for a lot but that's why he's exciting to work withI love Terry's energy and passion and that's what I think I look for with any filmmakers or even in wardrobe or grips. I just love people with passion and when I started in film, there was so much passion. And then when I was working in Hollywood, it was just boring for 15 years. And when Terry came back to doing film, I just approached it differently and didn't fall into the traps about worrying about your home and your penalties and what you couldn't do, but just start thinking about all the stuff you could do. And I've had so much fun. I'm so excited about production design and I'm just beginning to appreciate how important it is to movies. It's hard to make a film because you have so many people involved and when you find people you work well with you want to keep working with them.
Check out the full interview with Fisk at the site. As you know, the film started shooting recently so there should be lots more news to come.
Check out 'The Master' cast.
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  1. Glad to see the direction PTA is going with this film... too excited to write much more than that. Thanks for this website...

  2. Great to who is the goddamn DP?!?! WE NEED TO KNOW>>WEMUST KNOW>>>OMGOMGOMG. please.