Thursday, May 24, 2012

PTA In Conversation With Robert Downey Sr. Part 3

Earlier this week, Criterion premiered the second installment in a 4 part series capturing a candid discussion between PTA and filmmaker/iconoclast Robert Downey Sr. (Part One premiered last week.) Today they've dropped the latest episode which you can watch below where the pair discuss the film "Two Tons of Turquoise to Taos Tonight" a.k.a. "Moment To Moment" (1975), which is featured in the Eclipse box set of Downey Sr.'s work.

Watch Part 1 and Part 2.

Even if you're not familiar with the work of Downey Sr., these videos should be of interest as they're PTA's first on-camera interviews in over 4 years, if we're not mistaken (not counting his "Hugo" Q&A last Fall which was recorded by an audience member). Since Paul has basically been MIA since the 'TWBB' press tour, it's good to see him back in the world again.

Deadline had posited that another reel of "The Master" footage might be shown at Cannes tonight as part of a secret presentation but now they're saying that looks unlikely.

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  1. I like that these videos are being posted online, but they are so frustrating to watch. The coverage is distracting (cameraman changes positions as theyre talking, sits in the other shot), and they're talking about movies that aren't really worth dissecting.

    I find something worth watching in every film (literally), and it'd be cool to sit down with Bob an talk about his experiences, but the 'Criterion' value of these movies and this kind of attention is a little mind-boggling to me.

    I guess it's more interesting than sitting down with Scorsese and doing the millionth interview about Raging Bull or something, so whatevs