Friday, July 12, 2013

FBF: Watch Footage From the Set of Boogie Nights

Thanks to a laser-eyed reader, we have a very, very cool Flashback Friday for you today. Some footage was spat out onto youtube yesterday which shows PTA, his cast, and his crew in action on the set of Boogie Nights back in '96. The video is choppy, with many uninvited and abrupt cuts to black, but it captures some very interesting little moments, half-sentences, camera moves, dance choreography, and, most importantly, shots of Paul directing with sunglasses on like it's his damn business.

Special thanks to Diego for dropping this at our feet. Cheers.

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  1. Q: Italian lizard?

    A: No, iguana.

  2. Awesome. And yeah, the video is choppy and the cuts to black are annoying, but that's pretty standard cutting for a B-roll reel. Just happy to have it!

  3. What´s exactly a B-roll reel?

    1. In documentaries and other non-fiction programming, B-roll is supplemental footage that is intercut with interviews to help add context and visual aids to what the interviewee is saying.

      On a film set, somebody is usually hired to film a bit of the production, and that footage is called B-roll, as seen in this video. That way, when it's time to promote the film, they have a B-roll reel from which they can create behind-the-scenes documentaries for various news outlets/entertainment programs (as well as DVD/Bluray special features) and use the actual footage from the set. Unfortunately, in these making-of docs, the footage is always drowned out by music and interview voiceovers, because non-film buffs wouldn't care to just watch it raw. So it's fun for those who are interested when an actual reel gets released, allowing a better glimpse into the process.

    2. fantastic! thank you very much for the explanation!

  4. In 2007 a friend and I went on a trip to LA for a PT Anderson film location tour. Of course we had to hit Dupars on Ventura. It was 9 on Saturday morning and the place was packed. We walked in and asked for a table. The only table in the entire place that was available was the Boogie Nights table towards the back. I couldn't believe the luck. The whole meal, all I could do was spurt out joy juice....and I just had to sit in it.

  5. Wow thank you for this

  6. Wasn't it mark Rance who did the Magnolia Diary? Maybe he provided this footage as well.


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