Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Maya Rudolph Would Rather Not Talk About Inherent Vice Just Yet

Here is an all-around delightful interview with actor Sam Rockwell and PTA's long-time lady, actress Maya Rudolph, doing a promotional push for their new film The Way, Way Back, and wouldntcha know it... Maya gets asked about Inherent Vice. What transpires is an utterly endearing evasion of the question at hand. Admittedly, it's a bit of non-news, but it's still nice to see the film's title get thrown around. You might recognize the interviewer from the Collider interview with Amy Adams a while back, which also deviated from the film being promoted to talk about working with Paul. I think it might be fair to infer the dude is a fan.

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  1. Maya Rudolph is so goddamn funny... she can play catch all day long with PTA's sinister sense of humour...

  2. yeah the interviewer is Steven Weintraub who runs Collider, he's a great interviewer (he's also a big PT fan).

  3. i've always wanted sam rockwell in a pta picture.
    i think his personality and speech would have worked perfect for this 'inherent vice'...
    don't know which character though?

  4. I was personally hoping for Sam Rockwell as doc.