Thursday, August 01, 2013

Keith Jardine Joins 'Vice'

Hey there --

Some late Wednesday/early Thursday (depending on your timezone) news from the production of Inherent Vice, thanks to an attentive follower (@mattjhenson): MMA star-turned-film and television actor Keith Jardine will be playing the role of Puck Beaverton for PTA & co. in the movie.

As shooting enters the homestretch, many names, faces, reports are being tossed around with regards to what the final cast of the movie will look like. This is largely due to an IMDb page that seemingly grows bigger and bigger every hour of every day. We generally hesitate to use this page as our sole source, as it is surprisingly easy to manipulate and/or distort information of a production there, but Mr. Jardine was kind enough to personally corroborate his involvement in the project from his own twitter account.

The film is scheduled to wrap its LA unit within the next couple days. Regardless of whether it will move on to other locations (we don't mean to imply it will -- remember The Master was able to make Northern California look like England), or need to extend to its LA schedule a bit, it seems we will know sooner rather than later where the final casting has landed.

In the meantime, just think: each passing day is bringing us that much closer to a brand new motion picture from Paul Thomas Anderson.

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"The Master" is now available on Blu-ray and DVD


  1. I like how the top shot of Keith Jardine actually looks like a still frame from a PTA film. Nice job, C&RV.

  2. Welcome to the Inherent Vice cast Mr. Jardine!

  3. Please for the love of God stop introducing yourself at the top of every post.

    1. I don't see no problem there Anonymous.

    2. Uh, what? This is the only post on the main page that has a salutation...

    3. Go back one page.

  4. Does anyone know whether they already have shot the scenes in Vegas(assuming they are following the book tightly), will move to Vegas after August 2nd or have they shot them in LA?

    1. They haven't shot outside California yet.

    2. No Vegas in the film.

    3. how do you know?

  5. From the photo displayed I hear the on-set chatter as...

    Joaquin - And Shasta if you move your leg over like this we can go right into doggie style.
    Elswit - Is the movement of the waterbed gonna be a problem?
    Joaquin - Nah man I dig it. Hey Paul do you want me to use a Spanish accent?

    1. I'm forgetting, is it with Shasta or Penny that Doc enacts a Manson Girl fantasy?

  6. Imdb says Wilson Bethel has been cast in Inherent Vice. I tweeted him about it and he favorited (favored?) the tweet. Soooooo he is probably going to be in it

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