Friday, July 25, 2014

"Inherent Vice" Reportedly Completed; Details Begin To Emerge

According to Kris Tapley over at Hitfix, we should start preparing ourselves for "a very different Paul Thomas Anderson experience" with Inherent Vice. Tapley's sources have pretty specific impressions from seeing the movie, but they might suggest more than you would like to know about the movie this early on, so click below the fold at your own discretion.

That said, we can finally report: Inherent Vice is completed, and runs slightly north of two and a half hours.

So. The juicy bits...

First of all, some of Tapley's sources are skeptical that Inherent Vice will get much attention from the Academy come next Winter, despite the uber-awards-friendly release strategy...
Everyone who spoke to me about it was a fan of the movie, it should be said. But multiples times the film's Oscar fate was questioned. "I honestly, truly, really don't think it'll get much Oscar play, other than possible tech stuff," one said. Another asserted that its performances were its best bet, singling out Katherine Waterston in particular - though everyone agreed Joaquin Phoenix will be in the thick of the Best Actor hunt.
The reason behind their thinking? The movie is apparently pretty damn weird...
[Inherent Vice] is apparently a very faithful adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's novel, which offers a zany blend of humor that could -- I stress could -- prove a tough sell to Academy types.
"It's BONKERS -- weird, weird, weird," one person who saw the film told me. "It made me laugh out loud several times, but not in the ways you might expect. The humor is not so much Boogie Nights as I think a lot of people are expecting. For reals, it tips into, like, Zucker bros.-level gags and broad humor. But, obviously, mixed with his other sensibilities. Strange, beguiling tone."
"It's a sui generis mix of broad comedy, suspense, romance, melancholy, and a touch of menace - unlike anything I can think of," said [another source.]
I'm told Josh Brolin stands out in the supporting ranks and that Martin Short's work as a druggie dentist is "batshit insane."Another compared the film to Robert Altman's The Long Goodbye, starring Elliott Gould, "but amped up to 11."
"[Joaquin] Phoenix is in practically every scene, then I guess [Josh] Brolin has the second-biggest part. All the other names are extended cameos. Well, Del Toro has a BIT more than that, but not much."
"It looks gorgeous, though stylistically, it's somewhat more restrained than [PTA's] other films. That's because it's a lot of conversations, and he chooses to cover them with staid, well-composed back-and-forth static shots, or 'two-shots' that sloowwwllly push in." 
"The music is more all over the place than usual, and he uses a few songs of the era. The score is much more Radiohead-sounding, just by way of having actual guitar and drums thrown in. There's some atmospheric electronic stuff in there, too." 
Well that's certainly enough to get us more jazzed than we already were.

IV (theatrical premiere): 140 days
IV (world premiere): 71 days

Find more information about the film on our Inherent Vice page. 
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  1. That is a very interesting set of reactions. ... A little Lebowski, a little The Long Goodbye, a little Airplane! ... But maybe not so much with the Boogie Nights. ... In a way, it reminds a little of the reactions to Magnolia. No one quite knew WHAT to make of it or how to define it. The mix of drama, comedy, absurdity, etc., was high in that one, too.

  2. This is going to be amazing. I love the fact that PTA seems to not have compromised on anything.

    Now give us that first trailer!

  3. On a side-note: Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to play Dr. Strange in Marvel's upcoming movie. Is there any chance PTA would be down to make a superhero pic?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I've been thinking for a while that this movie was going to be PTA using Jonathan Demme's Married to the Mob as a jumping point. Now I think I may be right.

    That movie is shot straight up but tonally jumps around from being deadly serious, broadly comedic, surreal, romantic and many other things without ever feeling weird about handling all those different styles. I think it's a great movie.

    And yeah it would be hilarious if JP and PTA reteamed for a superhero movie. That would nuts and probably shouldn't happen but also totally should.

  5. Marvel would never hire PTA for one of their cinematic universe films, and I doubt PTA would ever agree to their constraints. ... What COULD (1% shot) work one of these years is the notion of PTA writing and directing one of these Star Wars standalone films. Aside from the main storyline, they're letting directors do "one-offs" about side characters and plots within the series, with the idea being that while the movie must hew to the SW universe, those films can have their own tone and storytelling approach. I think a PTA written and directed film in the SW universe could be the coolest thing ever.

    1. I'd rather see him make a completely original sci-fi film instead of making something that's part of a series.

  6. I would like to see what happens when PTA writes and directs his own Sci Fi movie.
    Don't think I'd want to see him work in someone else's world. Not straight after a book adaptation anyway.

    1. Even more so than sci-fi, I'd love to see him delve into some deep psychological horror flick.

    2. It shall be interesting to see where he goes after his first "true" adaptation.
      Who knows what he has in the pipeline.

  7. Does anyone know of any hotels near lincoln center that will let a 18 year old go solo?

  8. Here's to hoping a teaser/trailer soon.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Inherent Vice is following the same agenda as Her did last year it seems; the premiere at Nyff (as the center piece gala), the small theatrical release in December following with a wide release in January. Her's trailer was up on August 7th,2013 just a few months away from what this year (2014) is Inherent Vice's world premiere. If these patterns continue one might assume we just may have a trailer very soon! Here's to hoping indeed!

  9. Benicio Del Toro talks Inherent Vice during the Guardians of the Galaxy press circuit:

  10. Jonny Greenwood performs another new piece live. It's called "Skip Loop" and is a slowed down version of the last new piece "Loop".

    Any word on if these are from Inherent Vice?
    Stereogum seem to suggest that they are.


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