Tuesday, July 08, 2014

'Vice' Rumored For NYFF; More Insider Reactions Revealed

Paul Thomas Anderson at the New York Festival, 1997.

With Inherent Vice's theatrical release just a hair under five months away, questions have begun to percolate as to where ( or if ) the film will have a festival premiere. The Cannes Film Festival back in May proved an unrealistic mesh with the film's post-production schedule, with an anonymous source at Hollywood Elsewhere suggesting PTA was more comfortable with a late summer premiere at Telluride, Venice, and/or Toronto film festivals. Any of those festivals could still prove to be where PTA chooses to unveil the new movie, but according to new reporting from Hollywood Elsewhere, a slight curveball may be coming in the near future, with an exclusive 2014 New York Film Festival premiere in the works:
There's convincing chatter about Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice, David Fincher's Gone Girl, and [Christopher] Nolan's Interstellar debuting at the New York Film Festival, although the most recent buzz says that Interstellar could play Telluride first. But the other two are thought to be NYFF exclusives.
PTA notably brought both Boogie Nights and Punch-Drunk Love to the New York Film Festival in 1997 and 2002, respectively, so it is not much of a stretch to conceive that Vice could play there as well.

Hollywood Elsewhere also reported yesterday that word about Vice is continuing to reverberate within the industry:
Last night I spoke to a friend who knows a woman who recently saw Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice... Her initial nutshell reaction was that she "didn't get it" because...well, how could I know? But one of the apparent blockages was that it doesn't adhere to a precise narrative through-line that led anywhere in particular (i.e. no third-act payoff). But then she started to understand it a bit more when she began to think about it the next day. A film that's more about the journey than the destination. I told this guy that three months ago an industry friend who'd seen Vice had described it in a similar way, calling it "brilliant and mesmerizing in an atmospheric, non-linear sort of way"as well as "Lebowski-esque"
We'd say that sounds just like PTA.

The 52nd annual New York Film Festival will run September 26 - October 12.
The 41st annual Telluride Film Festival will run August 29 - September 1.
The 71st annual Venice Film Festival will run August 27 - September 6.
The 39th annual Toronto International Film Festival will run September 4 - September 14.

Not too much longer and we'll know which -- if any -- of these festivals will score an Inherent Vice slot in their lineup.

In the meantime...

IV: 157 days

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  1. They say Academy doesn't appreciate complex movies. But then I say fuck 'em!

    At least a trailer wouldn't be bad.

  2. Like I've written in my movie blog "CineMagnolie" 4 days ago, considering that all the previous Anderson's movies since "Magnolia" have debuted in a major competitive film festival ("Magnolia" and "There Will Be Blood" won at Berlin, "Punch-Drunk Love" won at Cannes and "The Master" won two prizes at Venice) and that also "Hard Eight" and "Boogie Nights" went respectively to Cannes and Toronto, I'm inclined to think and I hope - I'm Italian - that Anderson will hardly give up to partecipate to the Venice Film Festival, with the concrete possibility to win other prestigious prizes. Then, "Inherent Vice" could go in other North-American non-competitive film festival like Toronto or New York.
    Anyhow, to understand whether my reasoning will prove well founded, it will be necessary to wait for July 24, the day of the presentation in Rome of the Venice Film Festival official program.

  3. How did they come across the framing chart for Inherent Vice? I find it kind of peculiar that they just posted it via Twitter and the blog, but didn't even make the slightest attempt to credit a source or affirm its authenticity. I mean, it's probably real, but where did it come from? Why not at least vaguely refer to how you came across it?

  4. Also, weren't the circumstances similar in the case of the Jonny Greenwood picture with a frame of IV in the background? Where did that come from? I think they at least attributed it to xixax but, if I recall correctly, a search of the forum only yields a single post (featuring the picture) without any explanation as to where it came from.

  5. Iirc, Greenwood posted the pic to his twitter, or some account.

  6. Hi Bryan Tap: can you address these comments and talk a little bit about how you guys came across that framing chart for Inherent Vice?

  7. Isn't kind of peculiar that they are definitely reading the comments but they aren't addressing these questions, even though they've come up in the comment thread for this update as well as the previous one? They aren't even offering something like "sorry, we can't discuss where we got it from, but it's definitely real!" What is that about? What motivates behaviour like this? Why explicitly ignore a very a simple question?

    1. Some of our sources worked close to the production, so revealing their names has the potential to damage their career. We apologize if you feel that compromises our credibility, but unfortunately that's just the way these things go sometimes. Rest assured the framing chart is 100% authentic.

      We generally try to leave our comment section to the commenters, and only step in in the event of spam comments or in cases of extreme hate speech. If you don't get a response from us on here, it's nothing personal. Email or inbox on our Facebook page would be a better place to reach us directly.

      Hope this is helpful.

      Be well.


  8. Thanks for the tactful response, which makes me feel bad about my grating, insistent posts. No need for apologies, of course. I'm the one who owes you an apology. I know this site well enough that I never really doubted the authenticity of the framing chart, but I was just curious about how you guys come across something like that since, if I recall correctly, you usually cite a source, even in the vaguest way possible. I remember wondering about the Greenwood/Phoenix photo, too, which was never given a specific source. Stuff like that just leaves me somewhat unsatisfied and curious. So, when another update popped up sans any explanation, I guess I was just thrown off a bit and wondering where these things were coming from...

    Anyway, I assumed it was an inside contact from the production (not for the Greenwood photo, but the framing chart) and that you didn't want to get anyone in trouble. I just found the lack of *any* additional information a bit odd at first. At any rate, my apologies for the slightly petulant bent to my posts, as I thought I was being ignored after a few days went by, but that was clearly a rather precipitate reaction. Thanks for the reply.

  9. Oh, my Gosh! I'm going to the New York Film Festival in September-October! To be one of the first to see "Inherent Vice" would be a huge honor... Just in case they show it, I'll definitely write a review of the film on my blog website, and will gladly send it to Cigarettes & Red Vines.

  10. It's official: http://variety.com/2014/film/news/paul-thomas-andersons-inherent-vice-to-world-premiere-at-new-york-film-festival-exclusive-1201264784/

  11. Confirmed! http://variety.com/2014/film/news/paul-thomas-andersons-inherent-vice-to-world-premiere-at-new-york-film-festival-exclusive-1201264784/


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