Monday, November 17, 2014

Details For "Vice" Soundtrack Arrive; Social Media Rolls Out New Banner

This morning, social media outlets for Inherent Vice released the bad-ass banner advertisement seen above. The image seems to borrow the aesthetic presented in the new movie tie-in cover for the novel, with the various cast of characters mingling in the subject's wild hair. We have no word on whether or not the image will actually be a legitimate poster for the film, with prints for sale, or if it will be used only as an internet fixture. Either way, we can dig it.

In other news, The Playlist has obtained details regarding the release of the official Inherent Vice soundtrack, including a full tracklist. As suspected, the album will be much song-ier than PTA's two other collaborations with Jonny Greenwood, with the composer's original pieces for the film peppered in amongst the '60s music:
1. Shasta - Jonny Greenwood
2. Vitamin C - CAN
3. Meeting Crocker Fenway - Jonny Greenwood
4. Here Comes the Ho-Dads - The Marketts
5. Spooks - [unreleased Radiohead song]
6. Shasta Fay - Jonny Greenwood
7. Les Fleur - Minnie Riperton
8. The Chryskylodon Institute - Jonny Greenwood
9. Sukiyaki - KYU Sakamoto
10. Adrian Prussia - Jonny Greenwood
11. Journey Through the Past - Neil Young
12. Simba - Les Baxter
13. Under the Paving-Stones, the Beach! - Jonny Greenwood
14. The Golden Fang - Jonny Greenwood
15. Amethyst - Jonny Greenwood
16. Shasta Fay Hepworth - Jonny Greenwood
17. Any Day Now - Chuck Jackson
The soundtrack album will be released on December 15th of this year, coming just in time for Christmas. We will be sure to keep y'all updated when the official soundtrack album artwork finally drops.

UPDATE: Here is the suitably handsome artwork for the soundtrack album.

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  1. I can't believe the wait for Inherent Vice is almost over! It's been killing me!

  2. awesome how there is "shasta" "shasta fay" and "shasta fay hepworth"

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