Monday, November 24, 2014

WATCH: 30 Minute Interviews With Brolin and Waterston on "Vice"

So far, Inherent Vice stars Josh Brolin and Katherine Waterston have sat down with David Poland for his (excellent) series DP30, where actors, filmmakers and artists get candid for 30 whole minutes, uncut, about their latest projects. The interviews embedded above are very illuminating. Spoilers are very minor in both cases. Nevertheless: watch at your own discretion. (Thanks @chambalvarado!)

Brolin, who has been among the most primary spokesmen for the film (even last year), also did a brief Google hangout with Gold Derby editor Tom O'Neil. It is generally spoiler-friendly as well:

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IV: 18 days

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  1. So, I *might* have just fallen in love... juuuuust a little bit, there, watching Katherine's interview...