Monday, November 10, 2014

WATCH: PTA Talks Mondo Hollywood & Inherent Vice with Robert Carl Cohen


An excerpt of PTA's talk with Robert Carl Cohen at AFI Fest this last weekend has found its way online, and we have embedded it for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to Hector Andrade for hosting the vid, whose title does not lie; consider topics as colorful as the two notable films from the directors, and good old American ganja covered.


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  1. Oh man that video is so great. I need to hear more of this talk. Could listen to this guy chat for hours.

  2. Will there be a full length video/audio of this talk?

  3. doesn't pta smoke like a chimney lmao

  4. For any curious parties, Mondo Hollywood can be found, in full, on YouTube.

  5. a booklet was handed out it seems. a comrade at reddit has posted shots of it:

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