Monday, April 11, 2011

Greg Mottola ♥'s ‘Magnolia'

As we wait for news on PTA's next project, (it has been especially quiet these last few months) we've seen more than a few people voicing their admiration for his work. (Absence makes the heart grow fonder, doesn't it?) The latest is Greg Mottola, director of "Paul," "Adventureland," "Superbad," "The Daytrippers" as well as episodes of "Arrested Development" and "Undeclared." He recently rewatched "Magnolia" and had this to say on his Twitter:
Watched 'Magnolia' on blu ray over the weekend and it was just as audacious, heartbreaking and lovely as the first time I saw it. Robert Elswit's cinematography is unbelievably great. [And] it looks incredible on blu-ray
Someone responded that they'd recently watched that and "Boogie Nights" recently on Blu-ray and he added that "the lighting is spectacular and perfect for both movies." He also admitted it was the first time he'd seen "Magnolia" since it was released over a decade ago.

"Magnolia" is still available on Blu-ray for just $10.49 at Amazon and Mottola's latest, "Paul" (no relation) is in theatres now.

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