Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Pixar's Lee Unkrich ♥'s ‘Punch-Drunk Love'

Pixar currently have the most consistent track record of any studio on the planet so you know they pretty much employ the best of the best. One of their in-house directors, Lee Unkrich ("Toy Story 3"), just did an impromptu Q&A session on Twitter yesterday and gave a little shout-out to Paul. When asked who his favorite contemporary director is he said "That's tough. But probably PT Anderson." And when someone followed up to ask which PTA film was his favorite he replied "Punch Drunk Love." We did a little digging and found that last year Rotten Tomatoes had asked him for his Top 5 favorite films and he said this about the film:
"Really, that just kind of encapsulates all of Paul Thomas Anderson's films for me. I'm inspired by the kinetic energy of his films, and the richness of the characters and the performances especially."
So there you have it, another admirable admirer. As you were. (via Yenni)


  1. Glad to see someone like Lee loves Punch-Drunk, as well. It's so hard to choose a favorite film from PTA, but I do have a very special place for it. The photo you chose of Lee also reminds me of Jeremy Blake's artwork for the title sequence. Thanks!

  2. Once again, nice possessive heart.