Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Luis Guzman Talks PTA, Getting Cast In ‘Boogie Nights'

Collider recently sat down with PTA regular Luis Guzman, promoting his new film "Arthur," and got a chance to ask him about his work with Paul. Nothing too revelatory here, just a few nice quotes from Maurice/Luis/Lance.

On how he ended up in "Boogie Nights"...
"He had sent me the script of "Boogie Nights" and it laid down on my desk for a while. One day I was cleaning my desk off and I found the script and said 'Maybe I should read this?' And I read it and was I blown away by it and I called him up. I said 'dude, are they gonna let you do this movie? It is so out there, it is so genuis.' His writing [is] really, really unbelievable, very passionate. And we hit it off, I showed up and then it was a hell of a ride doing "Boogie Nights." We had an incredible cast of people, we shot in some great locations and just the experience of being able to shoot with someone like Paul and seeing his vision come to life. It was really, really impressive."
On whether PTA has changed over the years...
"He's always been that passionate person. That's something that I respect about him, he gets what he wants as a director and I think that's really important, not to settle for less. Even if it means to go back and be shooting a certain scene, 3-4-5 times because you see it, it's just not there. So he's really passionate about those things and I've always admired that about him."
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  1. LOVE GUZMAN! Can't believe there was a chance he didn't read the script! Can't wait to see him work with PTA again.