Monday, December 10, 2012

PTA Awarded Best Director Prize By LA Film Critics; Phoenix, Adams, Malaimare Jr. Awarded Too

Awards season is rolling on and "The Master" continues to pick up accolades from various critics groups around the country. This past weekend the LA Film Critics awarded the film Best Director (Paul Thomas Anderson), Best Actor (Joaquin Phoenix), Best Supporting Actress (Amy Adams) and Best Production Design (Jack Fisk & David Crank). They also named the film as Runner-Up (meaning 2nd place) for Best Film, Best Cinematography and Best Music Score. Four wins and three runner's up = not too shabby. Boston Film Critics picked up the slack by awarding the film for Best Cinematography (Mihai Malaimare Jr.) and PTA as the Runner-Up for Best Director. Well deserved. Shoutout to Awards Daily for all their great coverage.  You can check out all the film's awards & nominations (so far) on this page.

Update: Washington DC Film Critics gave Philip Seymour Hoffman their Best Supporting Actor Award and Jonny Greenwood for Best Score.

In other news, PTA was mentioned yet again on Elvis Mitchell's great podcast The Treatment, this time by "Skyfall" director Sam Mendes.
"We were talking off mic a little earlier about one of the greats, Paul Thomas Anderson, who is a true auteur - and there are very few of those who I would classify as geniuses - who can write their own material and have a particular vision and take that vision from their lonely room where they're writing with their pen onto their typewriter and take it right the way through to the point where they can make the finished article. I am not one of those people and most directors are not and so you are waiting for material to arrive that speaks to you in some unconscious way and you're not always sure why you're led in one particular direction or another. And it's your duty to be open to everything to some degree and to not try and repeat yourself."
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