Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Visual References Of ‘The Master'

Some are probably conscious, some coincidence but interesting nonetheless. Check out all the films referenced above on DVD/Blu. (thanks Tyler!)

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  1. Melvin and Howard! That motorcycle shot had been reminding me of something and that was it. Thank you!

  2. Wow...amazing & so cool!

  3. That Gulliver's Travels picture is not a reference for Freddie on the boat. That's a pretty ridiculous stretch. So is the shot of Halle Berry. I'd met money PTA wasn't even close to thinking of THAT as a conscious (or unconscious) reference. The Melvin and Howard and Let There Be Light ones are correct (obviously so). The Shining is likely, but maybe not.

    1. Gulliver's travels is definitely a reference. It's obvious.. and you can see he got the inspiration for the angle from the wide shot of the ship in "Battleship Potemkin".

      The Kubrick references are OBVIOUS as well, and there are many more that I didn't put in this video.

      There is no Halle Berry in the video. I think you might be referring to the shot of MARIA SCHNEIDER from "the passenger" where she leans back on the seat, just like Freddie leans back on the edge of the ship over the water. He took that shot and the NICHOLSON shot (both from "The passenger"), put them together, add the OVERHEAD SHOT of the water from the beginning of "the black stallion", have Freddie wear a Navy Surplus overcoat (Like Homer Parrish in "The Best years of our lives") and you get this shot:

      PTA is a genius and all those references are correct if I do say so myself.

      - Tyler

    2. I don't think you understand how creativity works. I know playing the "spot the reference" game is fun, but it actually diminishes PTA's creative process. What you described is an intellectual exercise in shot creation, when most of us PTA fans know that he works on a more instinctual level.

      If PTA confirmed the references to "The Passenger" and "Gulliver's Travels," I'd believe you, but he's never mentioned them. Look at the shots with some distance - they're not very similar at all. I'll give you the shot reference to "The Shining," but that's easily explained by the Kubrick kick PTA's been on with his last two films. First he was inspired primarily by Altman and Scorsese, and now he's in his Kubrick phase.

      Also, ripping off the shots of others' doesn't make PTA a genius, it makes him a copycat. He's a gifted filmmaker, but you're shooting your argument in the foot claiming these references unsubstantiated.

    3. Jim Jarmusch had a good quote pertaining to the issue of using other's shots.

      Who cares!

  4. Another Demme reference is the close up shots of the characters talking directly into the camera.

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