Thursday, April 25, 2013

David Gordon Green ♥'s PTA & ‘Punch-Drunk Love'; Film Named 10th Best Romantic Movie Of All Time

Huffington Post writer Mike Ryan recently sat down with filmmaker David Gordon Green ("George Washington," "Pineapple Express") about his latest film "Prince Avalanche" (currently playing at the Tribeca Film Festival) and after grilling him about his last effort the 80s throwback comedy 'The Sitter," the conversation veered towards PTA and his admiration for "Punch-Drunk Love" in particular (though he seems to prefer "There Will Be Blood"). 

You kind of alluded to this earlier, but you're not surprised that David Gordon Green fans that have been following you for a long time weren't 100 percent on board with "The Sitter." You kind of knew that would happen?No, that's fine. The good thing about being me, is there's not the expectation of a Christopher Nolan or a Paul Thomas Anderson or a David Fincher. Like, these guys have a harder time going to detach from what's brilliant and interesting and sophisticated about themselves. And so, those guys, I don't know how much of that is their fan base, of which I'm a part of, encouraging this one very specific outcome. But I get away with that, and they don't. [Laughs] I'll bet you I can recover from that a little easier, I don't know ... You know, the big fans of "George Washington" are not gonna like my MTV animated series, and most of them don't like "Eastbound and Down," although, that show has started to really started to grab people as people realized it's not what they thought it was.
I love John Hawkes on "Eastbound."
He's great, and he's a perfect example of an actor that if he showed up in the next Adam Sandler comedy, it would be an awesome, interesting thing that I would love to see.
You should work with Adam Sandler.
It'd be great. I would love to. Well, you see a movie like "Punch-Drunk Love," which I love.
That's my favorite Paul Thomas Anderson movie.
Really? You like it better than "There Will Be Blood"?
I do.
I like it better than "Boogie Nights." I love those movies too, but there's just something about "Punch-Drunk Love" that I just really enjoy.
I love it. But here's what I think: I love that movie. I've seen it a dozen times. That's Adam Sandler making a Paul Anderson movie. I would love to see Paul Anderson make an Adam Sandler movie, if that makes sense. I would love to see that. That would be awesome.
Read the entire interview at HuffPo. In somewhat related news, 'PDL' was recently voted the 10th Best Romantic Film Of All Time by Time Out London and ranked #1 by Judd Apatow (who joins Diablo Cody, Bill Nighy and Lee Unkrich as being huge admirers.) PTA says it should be out on Blu-ray sometime this year but no word yet on a release date.

"The Master" is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.    
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  6. Paul Thomas Anderson has made an Adam Sandler movie already... 'Couch'!