Thursday, July 05, 2012

Revisiting Little Boston By Visiting Big McGuire

If you've ever wondered if Paul Thomas Anderson can/cannot open a gate, the wait ends today: Our dear friends The AV Club sent out Kyle Ryan to interview David Williams, manager of Marfa's Mcguire Ranch who was heavily involved with the filming of There Will Be Blood and has alot of new/interesting things to share with you. In Kyle's words:
In charge of all of it was David Williams, McGuire Ranch manager and the production’s go-to guy for pretty much everything. Need to hose down the roads so they’re passable? Talk to David. Need supplies? Talk to David. Need to cast another part in the film? Hey, David can do it. (Williams appeared in several scenes opposite Daniel Day-Lewis.) Even after production wrapped, his There Will Be Blood duties continued: Once the film came out and quickly earned awards-season buzz, Williams found himself answering questions from reporters and frequently taking them on tours of shooting locations around the ranch. It happens less frequently now, but here it is, six years later, and he’s still doing it.
You can read the full write-up which has a good chunk of extra anecdotes about production. There, we distracted you for another 24 hours while we wait patiently for TMZ to stop posting spoilers via TomKat divorce details the Master.


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