Wednesday, July 18, 2012

‘The Master' Is Finished; Has Been Rated R

Probably fairly obvious to anyone who has seen Paul's previous films but "The Master" has also been rated R. The naughty bits are for "sexual content, graphic nudity and language" according to Box Office Mojo (via @angel_glands). This also means that the film has been completed and is (in theory) ready to be screened...

86 more days.

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  1. I love waking up to Good News..... Now when's that 3rd teaser trailer coming out? or maybe a FULL THEATRICAL TRAILER!?

  2. If a theatrical trailer comes out, I'm going to be completely disappointed.

  3. why dissapointd? i´m waiting for the full theatrical trailer but also for a teaser! wel... i have to confes that "the master" is one of the few reasons i´m still living in these world XD