Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Philip Seymour Hoffman Says As Of Now He's Not In ‘Inherent Vice'

If all goes according to plan, "Inherent Vice" will be starting to film within the next 3 months which means that casting announcements should be coming very soon. While it appears that Charlize may no longer be attached to the film (if she ever was) due to 2 other conflicting engagements -- "A Million Ways To Die In The West" and "Dark Places" both of which film in the window where 'Vice' looks to shoot -- Joaquin looks to be a lock. Recent pictures show the actor is in the process of growing out his Doc Sportello hair. Will he be reunited with his "The Master" co-star? It doesn't look like it. Friend of the site Katie Calautti had a chance to sit down with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Christopher Walken for Huffington Post to promote their new film, "A Late Quartet," and naturally the conversation turned to 'Vice.' 

While we work on getting Christopher cast in the next "Hunger Games" movie, allow me to also ask about Paul Thomas Anderson's next film: Are you confirmed for "Inherent Vice"?
Hoffman: Not as of now, which is cool. I mean, it's so -- with me and him it's just kind of, you know, when it's right, it's right. But I knew about "Inherent Vice" a long time ago -- I always know what's going on. Sometimes I do readings and stuff for him.

Why haven't you been in a Paul Thomas Anderson movie yet, Christopher?

Walken: He hasn't asked me!
Hoffman: Actually, I should mention Chris for "Inherent Vice"!
Walken: You know what's funny, I love "Boogie Nights." I've seen it a lot. Just yesterday morning I watched it. Somebody said it's a movie about a family. That's a nice way of putting it.
Hoffman: Yeah! It is!
Walken: It's a very wholesome movie! The whole thing -- Burt Reynolds is papa, and he's a good papa. He's a decent man.
Hoffman: Yeah, and he takes back the kids. They go out, and they cause trouble, and they come back.
Walken: Yeah, they come back at the end! It's a really nice movie. And Alfred Molina is so cool.
Hoffman: So great! One of the great cameos ever.

I'm losing count of how many times people this awards season have won statues and mentioned "The Master" in their speech.

Hoffman: Oh, people are doing that? Yeah, they didn't give Paul enough credit there. But that's how I feel about Paul. He's a great talent. A really gifted filmmaker.

It's a legendary relationship, between the two of you.

Hoffman: Yeah, we're very close friends -- we've known each other 20 years now? Very, very close.
Read the entire interview over at HuffPo. Disappointing to be sure, as it not only would've been the 6th collaboration for PTA & PSH but would've been absolutely fascinating to see PSH and Joaquin sharing the screen in completely different roles.

In other news, "The Master" Blu-ray is on the way (check out some pictures of the packaging here) and The Playlist has a detailed rundown of all the special features on the disc and has a 4.5/5 star review on their site. If you've been enjoying our "Making The Master" series, you'll be happy to know that the next installment will be coming tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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  1. I remember when The Master was announced and PSH said he hadn't been asked by Paul to do it yet. So i'm assuming he just likes to wait until after a proper announcement before confirming. I'm sure he'll be in this film. And the fact that he has maybe read for one of the characters during the writing process makes it look promising.

  2. well i am pretty sure michael shannon is there because paul liles him and he is got an open schedule....but charlize ...damn...i think the role of shasta would fit pretty well for rachel weisz more thing..paul you should consider viggo mortensen for a you would say he is dynamite

  3. I'm predicting Kirsten Dunst to take over should Charlize not be available. Just a hunch, considering her wanting to work with him and PTA's recommendation of her to Lars for Melancholia.

  4. Dude, Phil IS Bigfoot Bjornsen!


  5. Walken would have made an excellent Mickey Wolfmann. Just saying.

  6. Love PSH. Love the PSH/PTA collaboration, but I'm not necessarily rooting for this. The PSH/Joaquin relationship in The Master was so utterly unique and really breathtaking in the context of the film, kinda hope we leave it at that and not try to recreate it in another film.

  7. I keep forgetting how many characters there are in the book. Such a great opportunity for Paul to get some exciting talent in there. Would be wicked to see Joaquin and Hoffman opposites each other again in something so different, although Hoffman's role would probably have to be a more supporting role. Charlize was fantastic for Shasta...I wonder who else he's got in mind?....fucking PTA is unbelievable

  8. I want to see Robert De Niro in a PTA flick so bad, he's the greatest actor of his time. It would be great to see him give one of those "career best" performances PTA movies are famous for. Jim Carrey also needs to be in a PTA movie. He has so much talent thats been wasted the last few years doing shitty penguin movies. Walken would also be great, considering PT Anderson is the only director alive he hasn't worked with. Another person that needs to work with PTA is Christoph Waltz.

  9. PSH is not showing booked with possible scheduling conflicts for the coming months, so my guess is he's in. Anyhow, what project could [with]stand in the way...

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