Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Casting News, Production Updates and More for 'Vice'

Howdy howdy

Lots of odds and ends this afternoon, so let's get right to it.

First off, you'll notice a slate of fresh new names added to the Inherent Vice IMDb page. We caught wind a week or two ago that Jeannie Berlin, daughter of comedy legend/writer/director Elaine May, had possibly joined the cast as Aunt Reet but weren't able to verify until now. Alongside Aunt Reet, the characters of Luz and Jade have been filled by Yvette Yates and Hong Chau, respectively. They are two up-and-comers who, it would appear, are best known for their television work of late.

Another small but substantial tidbit we picked up from our man @TheInSneider recently is that Josh Brolin appears poised to nab the pivotal roll of Bigfoot for the film. We obviously can't wait to see what he (or any of these folks) will do with the material.

Moving right along: A cherry article from Variety this week has divulged some specifics about where the production stands right now, in addition to discussing the status of some other pending Warner pics. The good stuff: Inherent Vice is just completing its second week of principal photography and scheduled to wrap on August 2. The article notes several areas -- PTA's native San Fernando Valley, a storefront in Slauson Blvd (presumably the Dr. Tubeside set?), driving set-ups in Malibu and Canoga Blvd, and a warehouse in Chinatown -- as the first covered in the production, but our on-the-ground source says that the man himself was seen operating camera (!) in the Long Beach area as well. Others are sure to roll out in the coming days, weeks, blah blah blah.

Next up: there's a beautifully written article on the work of PTA by a gent named Jack Welch out of the University of Tulsa. Make sure to give that a read before kneeling at your Ghoulardi altar before bed tonight.

Finally (I think finally, anyway), an Inherent Vice wiki-bible of sorts has been unearthed from the interwebs and we have been assured that it is spoiler free. So if you want to know everything about the book without actually reading the book, give that a peek here (via xixax).

We're also planning on having a super fun Flashback Friday for you this week, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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  1. I used that wiki while reading the book and it really helps with the vast amount of characters. I wish it were easier to use, though, there's no hyperlinks.

  2. Great news! Thanks for giving it to us.

  3. Is it strange that I want to see the man at work? I would love to find where this man was a' shooting...

  4. Can anybody confirm or refute rumors about Emile Hirsch??? Or just tell what they have heard/seen?

  5. nahh i don't think emile is in,,,i would love to since he' made some very good films with sean penn..but i think there would have been a confirmation already..he's a pretty well known actor like brolin or wilson..we would've heard something til now

    1. Well, we didn't hear about De Niro being involved with American Hustle until it was well into shooting and he's a pretty big name. Besides, there's still quite a few roles of which the casting has not been announced yet so there's every chance Emile could be one of them. Then again, maybe not but fingers crossed though

    2. i hope we won't hear about de niro being mickey wolfmann until well into shooting:))

  6. BIGFOOT! kinda saw that when people were mentioning it but it does make sense...even though hes only like 5'10, man

  7. Some pictures of Martin Short in costume on set with Joaquin Phoenix:

  8. Also that link has plenty of new pictures of Joaquin, but scroll down to the bottom and take a look at the last picture, Joaquin is talking to a blonde hippy looking woman whose face we can't see, but it looks like it could be Shasta


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