Friday, June 28, 2013

Peter McRobbie to Play Adrian Prussia in Inherent Vice

Welp, our Friday just got a little more interesting. Deadline is reporting that Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice (which has been shooting for nearly a month now) has added Peter McRobbie to its ever-growing cast of players. McRobbie, well-known for his work on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, will take the character of Adrian Prussia. Unfortunately, we can't confirm the roles that have been assigned to Jena Malone and Sean Penn right now. As all these casting announcements have trickled down throughout the past couple months, though, Joaquin & Kevin J. O'Connor remain the only two actors who have worked with PTA before.

In other news, the strapping young lad pictured in these set photos has been revealed as first-timer Jordan Christian Hearn. He has been cast as Denis in the film.

We've updated our Inherent Vice timeline page to the extent possible at the moment, so clap your eyes onto that whenever you see fit.

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  1. Is Sean Penn still in or did he bail. I got the impression he was up for this role.

    1. Cory reported that Penn was in and only speculated that Prussia was the likely role. IMDb has him in that role but they have already been proven to be too quick on the trigger on their Inherent Vice page.

  2. Deadline says Sean Penn was in contention for this role......... nice way to read the whole article.

    1. Just because I didn't mention that doesn't mean I didn't read it. It is not our job to fan rumors.

    2. You guys do a wonderful job, one of the best sites around. Ignore this punk

    3. Not your job to fan rumours? This whole website is basically based on rumours. A Hollywood website very much renown prints that an actor was once considered for a role, which has now been filled, and you insist he is still in contention for the movie?

      It's sort of like the Variety thing and the scoop about Warner Bros. I don't care but if you're going to post about something at least be thorough.

    4. I'm sorry, sir/ma'am. We have a sort of specific way of doing things, and if we ever displease our readers, it's unfortunate but it likely comes as a consequence of needing to stick to those boundaries. For instance, an assertion that Sean Penn has officially exited the project because the part he was *rumored* to be groomed for was taken by someone else is not something we, as representatives of Paul's, feel comfortable expounding upon definitively right now, considering that we were given *exclusive* information regarding his involvement initially; the same would be true of Jena Malone and her attachment to the part of Japonica (minus the exclusivity factor), which our post also acknowledges. Of course this is an inexact science. Should news of Mr. Penn (or Ms. Malone, et al) walking away officially break anytime soon, we will certainly toe the line. But it's worth considering that our role is not the same as that of Deadline or Variety etc., and it's also not the same as that of a typical fan site. Whether one wants to classify our information as "rumors" per se is admittedly fair game, but, to paraphrase an old, played out Hollywood adage, nothing in this industry is official 'till it's up on the screen. However, as I'm sure you know, there are message boards upon message boards with wild theories and speculations about all sorts of things, and yes, sometimes their musings ultimately prove valid. It is not our job to perpetrate those. First and foremost, our obligation is to perserving the sanctity of Paul's filmmaking process, and then housing a community with enthusiasm for that process. Chasing down a hot lead and/or getting all gummed up in the rumor mill is not the way we prefer to achieve that goal. This is not your accusation, to be sure, but it's the best way I can think of to illustrate what our attitude to running 'Vines is. Again, it's an inexact science, with traps and pitfalls along the way. But that's where we're coming from.

      ...all of which is a long-winded way of saying: if you think we missed or omitted something, let us know. If it's not corrected, it's probably safe to assume it was done that way for a reason.

      And with that, I believe there is no more I can add. I hope you all are having a good weekend! Be well.


    5. Fair enough. Thanks for the response, I do appreciate what you do here and hope it did not come off across as if I donot. Be well.

  3. I'll be pretty disappointed if Sean Penn isn't in IV. It was so intriguing to see his and PTA's names attached to the same project.

  4. Also someone named Mars Crain is playing Tariq Khalil, Christian Williams is Smedley, and comedian Will C. has joined production in an unknown but small role

  5. So there's about 8 name actors in the movie so far that general audiences will ne able to recognize: Joaquin, Wilson, Del Toro, Witherspoon, Brolin, Maya Rudolph, and Martin Short... that seems to be the same amount of stars that Boogie Nights has, do you think theres any more major stars yet to be announced or just smaller actors from here on out?

  6. Sooo are we thinking Jena Malone as Sloane and Sean Penn as Mickey Wolfmann??

  7. I think Malone is Hope Harlingen, Penn is Puck Beaverton although he`s probably not in the movie any more.

  8. Just to give people a frame of reference about the sizes of these roles from big to small

    Doc - huge, every scene role

    Bigfoot - big role, in terms of this movie but not for a normal movie
    Coy - almost big role

    Sancho - medium role
    Jade - medium role
    Denis - medium role
    Penny - medium role
    Hope - medium role
    Shasta - medium role, mostly because of importance, not screen time

    Sortilege - medium/small
    Adrian Prussia - medium/small

    Sloane - small
    Blatnoyd - small
    Japonica - small
    Clancy - small
    Tariq - small
    Mickey - small
    Petunia - small
    Crocker - small

    Anyone else (Luz, Flatweed, etc) - tiny

    With this in mind I'm really curious about the actors playing Denis and Jade. Two newcomers with some of the better roles, bigger than some much larger names. Lumping the casting of Luz and Jade together doesn't really make sense, particularly considering the amount of buzz the casting of Japonica got for such a small role.

  9. What about Tito?

    1. Don't think there will be room for him in the film.

    2. The Vegas scene is huge! That would be such a shame to not use that. I still believe Del Toro is playing Tito, not Sauncho

  10. maybe paul is growing mickey wolfman's role for the film and sean ends up playing him altough i doubt it

  11. Timothy Simmons of VEEP just joined the cast. Link:

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