Monday, October 01, 2007

Deleted Scene: Boogie Nights, Jack & Colonel

A scene that would have come directly before the Colonel meets Eddie.


               Jack and the Colonel are sitting, drinks in their hand.  The 
               Colonel smokes a cigar.

                         The idea is this: Amber is a director 
                         of porno films and she's down on her 
                         luck.  She hasn't had a hit in a 
                         year.  She's desperate.  Her landlord 
                         is threatening to kick her out, so 
                         she's desperate for a big dick hit, 

                         Yes.  Good dilemma.

                         Yes.  So she calls up all the agencies 
                         in town and says: "Send over your 
                         best actors, I'm casting a porno 
                         picture." Well the story goes and 
                         develops with Amber auditioning 
                         various men and women...the whole 
                         thing wraps up with the Landlord, 
                         I'd like to get Jeremy if he's still 
                         in town to play the part -- he comes 
                         in -- the landlord says" You better 
                         pay rent or you're through.  Well: 
                         Amber does one helluva suck job, ass 
                         fuck-come in the face-sort of thing 
                         and fade out - the end.

                         That's great.


                         There's a kid, a young man, I met 
                         him last night: His name is Eddie 
                         Adams.  He's here, he's at the party.  
                         He's something special and I want to 
                         cast him.

                         What films has he done?

                         This would be his first.

               Little Bill pokes his head into the office, sees the 
               conversation and quickly apologizes and exits.  The Colonel 
               looks to Jack;

                         Casting is up to you, you wanna do 
                         it, Jack?  Then do it.  This sounds 
                         fine to me.  Hell, I'm easy to please, 
                         right?  If it has big tits, tight 
                         pussy and focus: I'm happy.

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